The UCAP Challenge

May 1, 2021 - May 22, 2021
UCAP's first virtual fundraiser.

Supporting the Beyond U Programs allowing our students to engage in educational, recreational and social programs and field trips beyond the school day.

Tell me more about Challenges!No Challenge for me, take me straight to the donation page!

Unlimited Possibilities. One great cause.

Invent a challenge and share with friends and family.

Decide what you want to do, set a goal and spread the word through social media.

What are other people doing?
Glad you asked! Here are a few examples:

- Run 5K a day 5 days a week

- Save yourself from cooking by getting take-out from a local restaurant and donating the same amount to The UCAP School

- Plant a vegetable garden!

- Perform an act of kindness for 8 people in a week (Student Challenge)

Once you create your challenge, the friendly people at Donately will send you a link you can use to set up an account so you can post updates and track your progress.

Create a Challenge

Search the challenges for your friend and make a donation.

Search the challenges for your friend’s name and make a donation toward the goal on their personal fundraising page. Search for Student Challenge and show your support for a UCAP student in achieving their goal.

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Any questions?

If you have any trouble setting up your challenge, contact Carrie Chekal, Director of Development and Communications at The UCAP School, at or call 512.554.3958. It’s also not too late to become a sponsor so feel free to ask about that, too.

Who are we helping?

All funds raised from The UCAP Challenge go directly to the Beyond U Program at The UCAP School. At UCAP, students who are at risk for a variety of reasons find a supportive, small classroom environment that helps them build positive relationships and overcome obstacles and be successful in school and beyond.

More than just a school.

The Beyond U Program lets the teens at UCAP get out of the school, out of the house and out of their environments to play sports, go on field trips, explore future careers and build supportive peer relationships. This year programs were online (like everything else!) but our 7th and 8th graders still got to do cooking classes, computer gaming, programming, cosmetology and arts and culture activities. Over the summer and into next year we expect to be back to our regular fun including Save the Bay camp, sailing, hiking, arts and STEM programs and career exploration. We’ll also get out for free field trips to museums, basketball games, the aquarium and maybe even back to New York City and Six Flags. And with any luck, we’ll restart sports including baseball, wrestling and basketball in our beautiful school gym!

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Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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